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Expert residential hedge cutting services in Cheshire

Hedge cutting requires a pair of steady hands and expert precision. To achieve neat hedges means you need to right tools which you may not have. This is where we can help you. Along with quality equipment, Gnomes and our dedicated team of qualified professionals provides a reliable hedge cutting service, ensuring that all of your hedges are kept neat and tidy.

What we offer

We offer hedge cutting services throughout Cheshire and the growing season. We can schedule regular visits to keep your hedges shaped, maintained and neat during this period. 

Once we have cut your hedges, we can help maintain them. This ensures that your front or back garden hedges remain shaped and neat.

It is very time consuming to maintain your garden hedges, especially if they have been left to overgrow. We also provide a garden maintenance service which also includes cutting back overgrown hedges. 


You decide what level of garden maintenance you require

You might want us to take care of everything in your garden, from lawn mowing to tying in your raspberry canes. Alternatively, you can choose to do some things yourself, like spring planting, and let us do everything else, like sweeping up leaves, maintaining your borders, lawn mowing or cutting your hedges. Our in-house team of professional gardeners have years of experience, so your garden will be in good hands (with green fingers, of course).

Areas We Cover

We provide hedge cutting services around Cheshire, including the areas of:

  • Prestbury
  • Alderley Edge
  • Wilmslow
  • Woodford
  • Bramhall 

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